Unlocking post-secondary education

Post-secondary education – whether pursued through universities, colleges or trade schools – unlocks new perspectives and opportunities. For young people looking at post-secondary options, this can be both and exciting and overwhelming time. Fortunately, there are a number of supports to help with the transition from secondary to post-secondary studies.

EducationPlannerBC is one of the many tools available to help students make well-informed post-secondary decisions. This online resource has up-to-date information on B.C. post-secondary programs, allowing students to compare factors like admission requirements, tuition and application deadlines. Choosing a post-secondary institution is a key decision, and having as much knowledge as possible is vital. Visit www.educationplannerbc.ca to start accessing this free resource.

Finances are typically a significant factor in post-secondary decisions – sometimes, the deciding one. While post-secondary education is an investment, there are also many supports in place to encourage students to pursue further studies – regardless of their personal financial situation.

Provincial scholarships are one of the supports available to high school students looking to further their education. Each year, the Province awards millions of dollars’ worth of scholarships. These include two new scholarship options. The $1250 BC Achievement Scholarship is awarded to 8000 students province-wide for academic achievement, while the $5000 BC Excellence Scholarship is awarded to 55 students for well-rounded pursuits in service, leadership and academics. Visit the Provincial Scholarship Program website for more information on these funding supports.

While the transition from high school to post-secondary study is filled with options, these are just some of the resources that can help guide and support decisions. And remember, there is no universal right or wrong path – British Columbia is full of opportunity, and the possibilities are endless.