Supporting our seniors

Investing in our province also means investing in those who built our province – our seniors.

British Columbia is home to a growing, active and aging population. As our population continues to age, it’s vital we are responding with increased access to high-quality healthcare and services that British Columbians deserve.

And this year’s budget does just that, strengthening existing services and supports. Balanced Budget 2017 adds $4.2 billion to the Ministry of Health budget, building on our already world-class health care system. It also provides an additional $159 million to maintain rental assistance programs for low-income families and seniors, and contributes to the creation of nearly 5,300 new units of affordable housing – including 542 units for seniors.

This month, our government was proud to announce $500 million over the next four years as part of a Ministry of Health action plan for seniors. This investment will ensure seniors around the province regularly receive an average of 3.36 direct-care hours per day – the hours recommended by a recent residential-care services review and by Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie.

Seniors built our province, establishing a strong foundation for us to build on and grow. Now it’s important for us to invest in them, ensuring seniors have the supports and care they need to live a dignified life.

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