Pink Shirt Day

Bullying is something we strive to eradicate from our society – from our schools, our workplaces, our homes and – with the rise of cyberbullying – from online spaces as well.

Tomorrow, February 22, is Pink Shirt Day – a reminder to stand up to bullying and act when we see it happening. Pink Shirt Day encourages participants to choose kindness – on February 22 and every day throughout the year.

Pink Shirt Day began in Nova Scotia, when two high school boys witnessed a classmate being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. In response, these young men encouraged peers to wear pink as a show of support, and purchased 50 pink shirts from a discount store to distribute throughout their school. The response was powerful – the next day, hundreds of students showed up for school clad in pink.  From this gesture of kindness, Pink Shirt Day took off, growing into an international campaign.

Our government has taken a number of actions to help put a stop to bullying, through measures like the ERASE Bullying strategy, which provides tools for educators to help end bullying in our schools, but we know there’s more to be done.  For more information about the ERASE bullying strategy, please visit

For additional resources to help put a stop to bullying, please visit:

I encourage you to take a stand and show that bullying has no place in our society. You can demonstrate your support by wearing pink, using the #PinkShirtDay hashtag or donating to the CKNW campaign, which raises money for support programs.

You may also want to participate in Shaw’s #PinkShirtPromise campaign. For every use of the hashtag on social media platforms until February 22, Shaw will donate $1 to support bullying prevention programs across Canada.