Multiculturalism in Surrey

Every year, we mark Multiculturalism Week in BC during the third week in November.
Our province is vastly diverse, and our government is committed to recognizing and celebrating our multiculturalism, and promoting the importance of strength in diversity.
That’s why, each year, we distribute grants to community organizations across the province to help support activities that promote BC’s multicultural identity and heritage and foster cross-cultural understanding and respect.
Through the Multiculturalism Grant program, we are once again offering non-profit societies and community-based organizations the opportunity to apply for a grant up to $5,000 – applications opened on November 4, and will remain open until December 18, with grant recipients announced in February 2017.
Here in Surrey, we are particularly blessed with a rich and vibrant diversity that is well worth celebrating. This diversity makes us who we are as a community – it allows us to learn from each other and grow together through our differences, making us stronger. Living in a diverse community also provides an opportunity for us to learn what we share in common, bringing us closer together.
We know our community wouldn’t be the same without the mosaic of cultures that Surrey’s residents represent – and these grants are a great way to celebrate our various cultural identities, and to promote the diversity that contributes to our unique community identity.
Last year, one of these grants was used by a Surrey non-profit to host events in recognition of World Refugee Day. If you are involved with, or know of, an organization with a vision for promoting multiculturalism, I hope you will encourage them to apply.

Application details are available through Gaming Grants BC here:

For more information on Multiculturalism Grants: