Happy Vaisakhi and Lakh Lakh Vi Dai!

Throughout the month of April, South Asians around the world are celebrating Vaisakhi, the time of harvest, time to appreciate the fruits of labour, and time to recognize the rewards of effort and accomplishment.

Vaisakhi is an important event, and many communities across British Columbia and throughout the world will host Vaisakhi celebrations.

This Saturday will mark the 17th Annual Surrey’s Khalsa Day Parade, one of the largest Vaisakhi parades outside of India.

The event brings together over 200,000 people with live music, entertainment, decorated floats, and unique food and drink by local residents and businesses.

The celebration of Vaisakhi originated More than 300 years ago, Guru Gobind Singh established the central values of the Sikh faith: equality, justice, compassion, and service to the community.

Those values still resonate today, and are exemplified daily thorough the contributions of British Columbia’s vibrant Sikh community who continue to guide our efforts to make the province a better place.

To everyone celebrating, Happy Vaisakhi and Lakh Lakh Vi Dai!

Parade Route: Surrey’s Vaisakhi Parade is scheduled to begin at approximately 9:30 a.m. at the Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar, located at 12885-85 Avenue. The Parade will conclude there at approximately 4 p.m. For a map and more information please visit: http://www.surreyvaisakhiparade.ca/files/parade-map.php