Chinese Lunar New Year

The 3rd Annual Spring Festival Gala “SPRING CHINA AT WHITE ROCK” hosted by the White Rock Chinese Association.

Saturday, January 28 marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year, when we transition from the Year of the Monkey into the Year of the Rooster.

The Chinese Lunar New Year has been celebrated for centuries as a way to honour deities and ancestors. It is a chance to celebrate with friends and neighbours, reflecting on the past year and exchanging good wishes for the year to come.

This holiday also gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the diversity that makes our beautiful province such an incredible place to live, and to remember the contributions of the many Asian Canadians in B.C. who helped shape our province in the past, and who help to keep it vibrant, strong and growing today.

As we enter the Year of the Rooster, we are reminded that the rooster symbolizes hard work, resourcefulness and courage – great qualities to keep in mind as we all work together to keep British Columbia thriving, and leading the country in job creation and economic growth.

To all who celebrate – Happy Lunar New Year! Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous year.