Cheers to Volunteers!

Last week – April 12th to 18th – was National Volunteer Week — a time to recognize and celebrate our volunteers and the commitment they make towards enhancing our neighborhoods.

Volunteer Week was an opportunity to encourage others to give their time to causes as well. Volunteers build community, and strengthen our connections to each other.

Volunteering also promotes a sense of wellbeing and facilitates community development — making our communities more vibrant and diverse places to live.

I had the pleasure of hosting a celebration event this past Saturday with some of the volunteers from our community at the Cloverdale Coffee Co to recognize their contributions. A special thank you to these volunteers for all that you do:

  • Geoff Uttley-Special Olympics Surrey
  • Jiven Bal- Special Olympics Surrey
  • Aneesha Grewal – Special Olympics Surrey
  • Laurette Walsh- Cloverdale Tritons Swim Club
  • Georgina Wheatcroft- Cloverdale Tritons Swim Club
  • Lisa Finkle- Surrey United Soccer
  • Karen Jarvis- Surrey United Soccer
  • Lisa Lister- Cloverdale Minor Hockey
  • Tony Miles- – Cloverdale Minor Hockey
  • Al Kersey- Optimist Curling
  • Chris Lund- Cloverdale Minor Baseball
  • Rae Andrews- Cloverdale Minor Baseball
  • Monica Donetti- Ross- Soup Sisters
  • Stacy Elliott- Soup Sisters
  • Val Cote- Soup Sisters

We are fortunate for the many valuable contributions of volunteers and the positive impact they have on all of our lives. From coaching our sports teams – to coordinating our community kitchens – to staging our arts and theatre festivals — volunteers play a central role in delivering programs and services in our communities.

Volunteers enhance our youth centers, schools, seniors care facilities, emergency response teams, hospices, sporting events, and even our arts and cultural organizations. They are our little league coaches, recreation leaders, mentors, fundraisers, event organizers, caregivers, and program coordinators.

Thousands of volunteers from all walks of life – from all ages and all cultures – donate their time freely to better our communities and enrich our lives.