Building our future with the BC Jobs Plan

Across the province and in our community, British Columbians work hard to provide for themselves and their families. Well-paying, family-supporting jobs are vital for household economies and the economy of our province.

In 2011, our government launched the BC Jobs Plan as a roadmap for job creation and economic growth. Last month, we celebrated the many successes of this plan with a five-year update and renewed focus on key sectors such as agrifoods, forestry, international education, mining and energy, natural gas, technology and green economy, tourism and transportation.

The past five years have been a time of remarkable growth in British Columbia. We have seen over 191,500 jobs created – over 81% are full-time, and over 96% are in the private sector or self-employed. This moves British Columbia from ninth to first in the country for job creation, from fourth to first in economic growth.  We also have the lowest unemployment rate.

The BC Jobs Plan has achieved and surpassed much of what it set out to do: enable job creation, expand markets for B.C.’s goods and services, and strengthen B.C.’s infrastructure to facilitate the movement of goods to market.

Despite these remarkable successes, our government recognizes where there is room for improvement and remains focused on the future. As your MLA, I look forward to continuing to work hard on your behalf, ensuring that families and communities continue to benefit and prosper.

Please visit: for more details about the BC Jobs plan as well as links to training and education resources, employment services, as well as resources for employers.